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4th Primary: “Wonderful Picasso Paintings”

Posted by Profes Revista on 4th enero and posted in Curso 15-16

Students learned in unit 1 about the famous painter Picasso. They loved his paintings and tried to copy his painting style. Below some of the wonderful paintings made by them.

Escáner_20151204 (13)Escáner_20151204 (12)Escáner_20151204 (11)Escáner_20151204 (10)Escáner_20151204 (9)Escáner_20151211 (2)Escáner_20151204Escáner_20151204 (8)Escáner_20151204 (7)Escáner_20151204 (6)Escáner_20151204 (5)Escáner_20151204 (4)Escáner_20151204 (14)Escáner_20151204 (15)Escáner_20151204 (2)Escáner_20151204 (3)Escáner_20151204 (16)

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